Multiple Operator Self Exclusion

In 2015 Gamtrain was invited by a group representing the retail betting industry to create an app to facilitate self-exclusion, not just by single betting shop, but by multiple shops.

Our brief was to make it simple for the customer and for shop staff, as well as fast, and secure.

We devised an app that works on a small, inexpensive tablet. Customers, with staff guidance, complete a one-page form and sign with a stylus/finger. The tablet is used to add the customer’s picture to the form. As soon as the form is saved, it is sent immediately by our server to all the shops the customer has chosen to exclude from.

The app features a photo carousel showing an individual picture of each self-excluder. Algorithms ensure that the highest risk self excluders feature much more often in the carousel than low risk people. For example, someone living 100 metres from the shop will have his or her picture shown fifty times more often than someone living 10 miles away.

The app also features a Breach facility allowing staff to log all breaches and have the file sent immediately to all affected shops.

The major bookmakers decided in the end to use a telephone-based system, but we remain confident that we have the best solution and hope that the industry will take another look at this.

Here’s a short video demo of the prototype app.

Please click HD in the bottom right of frame to watch in best quality


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