In Gamtrain’s head office system, you can send instant messages to shops – for example, if fake bank notes are circulating in a city, you can notify shops in that city only or across your whole estate. When a staff member opens that message, his or her name is recorded as

Stores orders

Gamtrain can help with the ordering of consumables for shops. When betting slips, pens, light bulbs  – anything you choose to place on the orders menu for shop staff – are needed, Gamtrain gives shop staff a page on which to complete the order. A copy is transmitted to head office


Many shops now house equipment worth a considerable capital sum. Gamtrain allows shop staff to register every item of value – from a customised menu you provide – and the report is transmitted straight to head office. Reports can be updated quickly and easily. A short Gamtrain video explaining the Inventory facility. This

Industry Tab

Our Industry section contains facts and figures which are useful for shop staff to know. Things like place terms, how to calculate perms, a breakdown of different Tote bets . . . anything that is common across the industry but does not necessarily justify a training module. Another Gamtrain video,


Gamtrain’s software was specially designed to allow new facilities to be added. We want to help solve as many problems as we can for customers and this staff expenses claim facility was designed and set up at the request of one long term customer. It now saves that customer time,

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