Welcome to Gamtrain’s information website. Gamtrain Limited was established in 2006. Its founder Joe McNally wanted to make training much easier for betting shop staff and operators.  Back then, many changes were happening in the betting industry. Joe’s view as commercial director on the board of tote bookmakers, was that

Incident reports

Incident reporting is a key service in Gamtrain and the one customers use most. At the foot of this page is a short video showing the Reports facility in use. The Incident Reports section of Gamtrain allows shop staff to complete a formal report on anything that happens in-shop. Many reports are pre-loaded,

Training Modules

Gamtrain’s training modules are pre-loaded so that all staff can train in every aspect of their job – particularly in compliance and in understanding betting.  There is an inbuilt facility for Gamtrain customers to create unlimited modules of their own, or have Gamtrain create those modules on their behalf. Here is a


Students are tested in their knowledge by assessments – mock tests for practice before moving on to formal tests. Each training module has its equivalent assessment. Modules can be read as often as necessary for a staff member to become confident and competent. That competence can be refined and checked

Watch List

Gamtrain’s Watch List keeps track of conmen who visit betting shops. Any suspicious activity in any shop in the UK can be highlighted. The company concerned passes security footage to Gamtrain and we upload it along with a profile of the offender for viewing by all companies who subscribe to Gamtrain. Here’s

Self Exclusion

Gamtrain’s Self Exclusion facility means that staff no longer need to rely solely on paperwork. All relevant information is input to Gamtrain and recorded in the shop as well as being transmitted immediately to head office. Once the photograph of the customer arrives at head office, the file that has been set

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