Incident reports

Incident reporting is a key service in Gamtrain and the one customers use most. At the foot of this page is a short video showing the Reports facility in use.

The Incident Reports section of Gamtrain allows shop staff to complete a formal report on anything that happens in-shop.

Many reports are pre-loaded, including all of those needed for compliance in-shop with Gambling Commission requirements. Health and safety compliance is also catered for in this section.

Once saved by shop staff, these reports are immediately sent to head office where staff can view and react to reports immediately if necessary.

The Incident Reports system also auto-populates the quarterly/annual document required by the Gambling Commission. At head office, all data from Incident Reports can be analysed in many different ways.

One of the key strengths of Incident Reports is the audit trail that begins building from the first time a report is saved. There is a filter and search facility in the head office version of Gamtrain along with breakdowns by shop or region.

Here is a video showing Incident Reports in use in-shop. This is best viewed in HD, which can be enabled at bottom right of the video frame.


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