Welcome to Gamtrain’s information website.

Gamtrain Limited was established in 2006. Its founder Joe McNally wanted to make training much easier for betting shop staff and operators.  Back then, many changes were happening in the betting industry. Joe’s view as commercial director on the board of tote bookmakers, was that companies should not have to tolerate the costs and operational drawbacks of staff training.

When ePos tills were being installed across the Tote estate, almost all staff were taken out of shops and sent to training venues which had to be hired and staffed and crammed with all the paperwork involved in training. Shop staff had to be replaced while away and that was an operational headache of huge proportions.

Joe knew that most betting shop staff had a fair amount of downtime between busy periods and, given online access, they could train at their own pace. This was the genesis of Gamtrain.

What began as bespoke training software soon grew to cover many of the day to day problems bookmakers faced in managing the business. Please browse the pages of this site to read about how Gamtrain expanded to cover those management issues. We continue to discuss with our clients and potential clients the key issues they face so that the Gamtrain platform can be adapted further to make the challenge of running a betting shop or thousands of betting shops much easier.


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